A laid table on the terrace of the restaurant of Hotel Les Palétuviers


Our cuisine is creative and delicious. The chef selects the best fresh products from the region. We make every plate rock out, a delicious fusion of Africa and the world. "FRESH" is the ingredient we use in each of our dishes, fresh and locally cultivated. Every plate, dish and cocktail is one filled with love.

The logo of Boutique Hotel Les Palétuviers
The restaurant and the bar of Les Palétuviers by night

Artists of the taste

You can recognize our chefs by their hats. They are artists, artists of the taste, people who enjoy it when you lick your fingers. They nurture their talent with clinics that they follow all over the world. As a guest you can enjoy this and at the same time our local people develop themselves and are happy to pass on that knowledge to young chefs in training. Using as many local resources as possible is tasty and healthy, a basis for creativity and a motor of the local economy, where your tongue is central.

A man is making a cocktail in the bar of Les Palétuviers

Wild oysters

Wild oysters for slurping, tasty shells and delta fish are some of the darlings on the menu. The fragrant hibiscus flowers and tasty moringa leaves top the list of superfoods in our arsenal.

A delicious meal in the restaurant of the hotel

Monkey bread

Monkey bread and baobob powder almost literally falls on your plate and biting into a juicy mango or papaya gives "yammie" a whole new meaning.


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