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Toubacouta – BP1
Region de Fatick

Le Mangrove Restaurant

Our cuisine is creative and delicious. The chef selects the best fresh products from the region. We make every plate rock out, a delicious fusion of Africa and the world. “FRESH” is the ingredient we use in each of our dishes, fresh and locally cultivated. Every plate, dish and cocktail is one filled with love.

Le Mangrove offers cuisine that brings the abundant and healing nature to your plate.
Exciting flavors, textures, and vibrant colors that are beneficial for both body and mind.

We create delicious dishes that put Africa on the culinary map, masterfully incorporating touches from other continents. It is an invigorating and infectious fusion of Senegal and the world, with a central role for power vegetables, fine ingredients, and other natural powerhouses.

Every bite is a taste of happiness. Superfood remastered.

The healing power of plant-powered

Chef Bakary brings the finest local and pure ingredients to life, allowing them to shine in culinary masterpieces. His surprising flavors and aromas turn a healthy lunch into a sensory experience. Every plate, every dish, and every cocktail radiates vitality.

We describe our cuisine as plant-powered, eco-conscious, full of vibrancy and natural cheerfulness. The goal is a blissful feeling (in your belly).

Living foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, seaweed, and fresh juicesretain their essential nutrients and enzymes. They support digestion, repair cellular damage, and create billions of healthy cells daily.

Enjoy a life full of vitality and joy, fueled by our unique, plant-based cuisine.

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