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Toubacouta – BP1
Region de Fatick


Every organization wants to be an inspiration for its stakeholders. And for that she must constantly be inspired herself and try to see every new angle. An organization is like a team. And all players’ noses must face the same direction. Sometimes a team needs a nose job or just a breath of fresh air to give it a flight ahead.

Seminar room

Les Palétuviers is the fertile ground where ideas bubble up spontaneously and where the bonds between colleagues are strengthened. The seminar room a.k.a. the brainstorming studio used to be a depot for cashew nuts from the traders who transported their wares across the delta. The traders themselves then rested on our terraces and found new energy to continue the journey. And everyone knows that peanut butter is a vitamin bomb and thoroughly lubricates the brain. The cashew depot was therefore the ideal place for us to house a modern ideas incubator!

LP business & growth

The serenity of the surroundings, the pure air of the Saloum sea arms, the colourful design of the interior and the personal service are like a wellness cure for your organization. LP business & growth is your wingman for achieving ambitious business goals. We provide the conferences and seminars of your organization in a hyper-equipped brainstorming workshop.

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