A guest of hotel Les Paletuviers sits in a canoe on the Saloum Delta

Sine Saloum Delta

This is the location of the ‘deep’ Teranga. It is no coincidence that this exceptional hospitality is rooted in an exceptional ecosystem.

The logo of Boutique Hotel Les Palétuviers
Baobabs and sunbeds along the outdoor pool of Hotel Les Palétuviers


On the one hand, you are in the midst of centuries-old Baobabs, a.k.a. the Tree of life. The story goes that the gods threw the tree out of heaven, and it landed on its head, with the roots in the air. And that’s what it looks like. But at the same time, everything about this amazing tree is useful. The fruits are a delicacy full of fibre and vitamins.

The beach and the sea of the Saloum Delta near Hotel Les Palétuviers

Mangrove delta

On the other side, Toubacouta overlooks a mangrove delta. Mangrove plants are a treasure trove of nutrients and have a very beneficial influence on water quality. Bathing in mangrove water pampers the skin and mind.

The jetty of Hotel Les Palétuviers runs in the Sine Saloum Delta.

UNESCO world heritage site

The Sine Saloum Delta is one of the most beautiful bays in the world and is a UNESCO world heritage site. There is not only an impressive underwater world, our bay also has its own night lights: luminescent phytoplankton. The water surface then lights up fluorogreen and fluoroblue: a magical experience.

This green lung is home to thousands of birds, a true ornithological paradise. We don’t have the ‘big five’, but we do have the ‘ugly five’. By that we mean, for example, the warthog and the hyena.