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Toubacouta – BP1
Region de Fatick


Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of our coastal paradise, where the rhythmic sounds of the ocean waves provide a soothing backdrop to your stay.

Life is so rich in our bay that we do not have to add anything. cultural or ornithological safari leaves no sense unaffected. Harvesting oysters from the roots of the mangroves or staying with a local family for a day and shopping in the colourful market will make you feel happy. And from our jetty, we explore neighbouring islands by sailboat. Some islands are only inhabited by birds. In Sipo, you have an audience with a Senegalese queen in the bush.

Pristine sandy beach

Bordering the Atlantic Ocean is a beautiful, pristine sandy beach. A secret place where freedom blows through your hair. Here, you can enjoy your own beach cabin, without electricity and with a private chef and thousands of stars.

Wild instincts

If the hyenas crying at night awakens your wild instincts, you can go to the Wild Reserve and watch them from our open 4×4. Here, you can also walk with lions, an experience that grabs you by the scruff of the neck.

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