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Toubacouta – BP1
Region de Fatick


A monkey enjoying the sun, a fishing eagle, a curious lion and picking oysters that grow on the roots of the mangroves. That is the real life computer game for your children. Spotting a warthog with brood and raised tail earns bonus points!

The legend of the Baobab

Do your kids know the legend of the baobab? And what does a warthog eat? The Saloum delta is not only fun for your kids but also very educational. Nature is an enthusiastic teacher, who likes to show what she has in store for the youngest generations. You learn and see everything about the mangroves, about monkey bread and what it can be used for. Gamers do not see the variety of birds and animals here on a screen, but in real life.

Nature is a playground

Young children and adolescents will have the time of their lives in Les Palétuviers. That’s because they are completely free. The hotel grounds and pool are a safe home for your children and nature is their playground. The staff of LP keeps an eye on things and that is why your sprouts can discover the world everywhere within the security of Toubacouta and play the monkey or play football with the local kids. Your teenagers can also help out with some typical local chores such as covering huts with straw or dancing to the beat of the local tam-tam tick-to-kes. There is always something going on at Les Palétuviers.

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