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Toubacouta – BP1
Region de Fatick


Responsible and sustainable is the basis of our existence. We do not just work in harmony with the local population. The local population also really works in the hotel, under the leadership of the director, philosopher and local, Pap Fall. A romantic with a passion for ‘living’.

He finds that to be the essence of a stay: tasting the ‘real’ life.

Zero kilometres

The people of the village of Toubacouta love Les Palétuviers, and that is only possible because we follow a sustainable path together. And that path starts with the short chain of pure, fresh food. The ingredients come from local farmers, fishermen and mango plantations and travel zero kilometres. Straight from harvest to palate.

Hand in hand

The development of the hotel is only possible when it goes hand in hand with the development of the population and the host country. Concretely, the village fully benefits from all the socio-economic advantages of the tourism developed by Les Palétuviers.

There is a permanent, well-oiled collaboration with the village of Toubacouta that lends us its hospitality: 90% of the personnel of the hotel come from the village and its surroundings. And we strive to offer our personnel and their families the best social advantages in order to improve their circumstances.

Exceptional vibe

The chef has sharpened his talents with training in Belgian culinary hot spots. The people working in and with the hotel thus give the whole thing an exceptional vibe. Zero pollution and absolute symbiosis with nature. This also means, for example, that the rooms are all created from local, natural materials. This idea of the short chain runs through everything we offer. Short but powerful.

The natural area, the fauna and the environment

That also means protecting the biodiversity in this UNESCO World Heritage gem. We support projects that make a difference in the heart of society: like planting mangroves. They protect the coastal areas, break down CO2 and are an important precondition for the biodiversity. The mangroves are a food source for the fauna and for the population.

The environment is a great challenge. How can we, as a village, as a community, as individuals, reduce our waste? And can we recycle in a country where this is low on the list of priorities? Raising awareness and setting a good example – that is how we actively contribute.

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